“Empowering women is my love language”

Owning a creative business is tough and at times can feel lonely.  Sometimes all you need is a community of likeminded creatives who have been there, done that so you don’t make the same mistakes. Well, I have! I believe that investing in education in order to grow stronger in business is crucial to your overall success.

A few topics I'M PASSIONATE about:

MARKETING: The PR Behind The Pretty - How to grow your social media following and attract your ideal client!

PR: The Power Of PR - How to utilize the power of PR to create a strong relationship with your ideal client!


STYLING: Styling + Editing Photos Like A Boss - How to style + edit your social media flat lays to attract clients and monetize your account!

BRANDING: The Unicorn Guide - How to run a creative business that has no competition!

SALES: The Art Of The Up-Sell - How to increase sales and make more money within your existing client base.

BUSINESS: How To Reach A Six Figure Income - The 10 rules to follow if you want a six figure income in business!

LIFESTYLE: Discovering Your Purpose- How to never “work” another day in your life!


Here's some free education to help propel you towards your business goals!